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Account Invoice Factur-X


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Account Invoice Factur-X

Account Invoice Factur-X

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With this module, the PDF customer invoices and refunds generated by the Qweb reporting engine of Odoo will comply with the Factur-X standard. The Factur-X standard is an e-invoicing standard for France and Germany released on December 31st 2017. In Germany, it is also known as the ZUGFeRD 2.0 standard. This standard is based on CII (Cross-Industry Invoice) for electronic invoicing. The great idea of the ZUGFeRD/Factur-X standard is to embed an XML file inside the PDF invoice to carry structured information about the invoice. So, with a ZUGFeRD/Factur-X PDF invoice:

  • no need to change your habbits and those of your customers: you can still send your PDF invoices by email as usual.
  • customers equiped with a modern accouting software will be able to import the invoice automatically as supplier invoice by taking advantage of the embedded XML file,
  • customers with an ancient accounting software will just open the PDF file with their PDF reader and manually encode the document as supplier invoice in their accounting software.

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This module requires a recent version of the Python library factur-x developped by Akretion. Note that the factur-x library depends on PyPDF2 for the low-level PDF manipulation. To install it, run:

sudo pip3 install --upgrade factur-x


In the menu Invoicing > Configuration > Settings, check these options:

  • XML Format embedded in PDF invoice: if you want to generate Factur-X invoices, this option must be set to Factur-X (CII)
  • the Factur-X Level: unless you have a good reason, you should keep the default value EN 16931 (Comfort)
  • Factur-X Refund Type: choose the type of the XML invoice for customer refunds (keep the default value if you are not familiar with this setting).

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