Certifications & Highlights

It's all about quality and getting seen!

1. Introduction

Certifications and highlights are an important part of our platform.

Certifications are our way of validating and assuring content quality. Many of those online platforms out there allow publishing anything without any validations. This is where we do better and go a step further. Any certified app passed a manual inspection by an experienced Odoo developer. An app only gets certified if the quality is good enough.

Highlights are our second important part of the platform. They allow our partners to get content featured in dedicated blocks on our platform in return for a small fee. It is our way to help our partners get noticed out there.

2. Certifications

Certifications are the way to show that the content being sold is of good quality, safe and that the developer did it's very best to deliver top-notch content.

Any publisher can buy a certification but it does not mean that the content gets certified! When we receive a certification request we will do a manual audit of your content. If the quality of the content is not good enough we will deny it along with feedback of why it has been denied. The author can then rework their content based on the feedback. If this is not done or the quality is still bad enough the certification will be refused. If the quality of the content is good we will certify the content. This means that the content moves up in our search index as we believe good quality should be awarded. Besides of this the content will get a certified icon across the website. This is a good indicator for the buyer that this content is good and has been verified.

Do you want to get your content certified? You can buy a certification right away from your app/theme detail page or from your portal overview.

3. Highlights

Highlights are the way to get featured on our platform.

When you bought a highlight the content will be shown on all the main screens of our platform for the date(s) you bought it. This means that there is only one app, one theme, one e-content and one partner highlight available a day and you will be the only one featured that day! If we receive a highlight purchase and the quality of the content is not good enough it will be denied though. You will then be notified about the why and what you have to change to get highlighted. The highlight will then be rescheduled after your content it's quality is good.

Do you want to get highlighted? See the available slots and pricing right away on our dedicated calculator tool.