Monitor Ninja - Slack messages

Monitor Ninja - Slack messages

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Monitoring Ninja Slack:
add Slack integration for Monitor Ninja

This module adds support for Slack integration with our Monitoring Ninja module.
After setting up a Slack token under the configuration menu Odoo will automatically synchronize all Slack channels.


Automatically sending Slack notification(s)

Automatically sending an e-mail

Automatically sending an SMS

Automatically create an activity

Automatically create a new record

Automatically updating an existing record

Automatically add followers to specific record(s)

Automatically execute multiple actions


Adding Slack support requires you to create a Slack bot and token once before you can use the app.
You can follow the documentation/tutorial from Once you have generated a token add it under Alerting > Configuration > Settings, save it and click on "Get Slack channels":

Once this app is installed and configurated you can toggle the option "Send Slack alerts" on and can select one or multiple Slack channels to send notifications too.


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